Lending Library: Colimacon & Cie “Miel & Malice” Woven Wrap

Colimacon & Cie; C&C; babywearing; wrapping

Yup, that’s a 5 year old in a front wrap cross carry in our Colimacon & Cie!

We are super excited to have our first woven wrap in the lending library – a size 6 (4.6 meter) Colimacon & Cie “Miel & Malice” Woven Wrap!!

A big thanks to Bean Tree Baby for the generous donation!  Bean Tree Baby is Connecticut’s own baby carrier and cloth diaper store – check out their website for all sorts of goodies.

As you might guess by the name, Colimacon & Cie (or C&C as it’s commonly known) is a French company.  Their Miel & Malice wraps are made of 100% organic cotton and are available in a rainbow of beautiful colors; the wraps have blunt ends (as opposed to the tapers many wraps have) and have different colored stitching on each rail to assist in wrapping.  These are fantastic “work horse” wraps – they can take a beating, work for newborns to toddlers, are sturdy yet not beastly – really a great choice!  And even better, they are priced a bit lower than many wovens making them a great bargain!

Our C&C Miel & Malice is a size 6 (4.6 meters) and a vibrant orange-yellow.  Size 6 wraps work for pretty much everyone in one carry or another and are a great starter length.

Come try ours out at a meet up!  Or, if you’d like to buy your own, you can check out the selection at Bean Tree Baby or a number of other online retailers.

If you have an action shot of our C&C Miel & Malice that you’d like to share, please let us know!

Copy of new haven stacked


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