Lending Library Information

As we grow our lending library, we will be updating this page with information on all of our carriers.  For each carrier, we will do a feature post (linked here) with a bit of information about the carrier as well as action shots (as we get them!).

Library carriers are available at meetings for anyone to try out.  It’s a great way to  try a new style or brand of carrier.  Members are allowed to check out carriers to use for a month at a time.  You can view our library policies here.

Our library grows fastest through member support so we encourage individuals to consider membership as an option.  Plus membership means having a different carrier every month for a year for only $30 – not a bad deal!

If you’d like to see a particular carrier in our library, let us know and we will work on it.

Thank you for your interest in Babywearing International of New Haven!


Current Library Listings

Click the links for more details about and photos of each carrier (we are slowly adding more links!).  If you have a photo of a lending library carrier you are willing to let us use, let us know at bwinewhaven@gmail.com!

If you are interested in seeing a particular carrier at a meetup, please note the carrier name and carrier number.  Carriers are listed alphabetically by brand.

Ring Slings

  • Babylonia BB Sling (Green Peas) Folded Shoulder Wrap Conversion Sling (#1003)
  • Comfy Joey (Enchanted Purple) Hybrid (gather/pleat) Shoulder Linen Sling  (#1002)
  • Comfy Joey (Black/White Check) Hybrid (gather/pleat) Shoulder Wool Blend Sling (#1006)
  • Lil Peeper Keepers (Navy) Pleated Shoulder Linen Sling (#1004)
  • Magnolia Baby (Pink/Orange Mahogany Tablecloth Conversion) Gathered Shoulder Sling (#1005)
  • Maya Wrap (Bright Stripes) Padded Shoulder Sling (#1000)
  • Maya Wrap (Gray) Comfort Fit Shoulder Sling (#1007)
  • Maya Wrap (Blue/Green) “Old” Shoulder Sling (#1010)
  • Sakura Bloom (Navy/Gold) Gathered Shoulder Double Linen Sling (#1008)
  • Sleeping Baby Productions (Purple) Pleated Shoulder Sling (#1001)
  • Sleeping Baby Productions (Burgundy) Pleated Shoulder Mesh Water Sling (#1009)

Woven Wraps

Size 2
  • Ellaroo (size 2) Christiane (#2000)
Size 3
Size 4
  • Storchenwiege Anna (#3000)
Size 5
  • Risaroo Wovens Kerrington Vita (#3001)
  • Diva Milano Essenza Viola (#3002)
Size 6
  • Nunamoochie Year of the Horse (#4000)
  • BB Slen Blueberry (#4001)
  • Colimacon & Cie Miel & Malice Yellow-Orange (#4002)
  • Medley Twill Weave (#4003)
  • Ellevill Zara Blossom (#4006)
  • Didymos Indio Ultramarine (#4007)
  • Girasol Diamond Weave Tourmaline (#4009)
  • Dolcino Mauritus (#4010)
Size 7
  • Didymos Havana Nino (#4004)
  • Didymos Jim (#4005)
  • Ellevill Zara Aubergine (#4008)
Stretchy Wraps and Gauze Wraps
  • Babylonia (Yellow) Tricot Slen (#5004)
  • Sleepy/Boba (Orange) Wrap (#5003)
  • Moby (Pink) Wrap (#5002)
  • Wrapsody (BWI exclusive) Hybrid Stretch (#5000)
  • Wrapsody (Black) Duo water wrap (#5001)

Mei Tais

Standard size
  • Babyhawk (black straps, floral print) (#6000)
  • Babylonia BB Tai (Pineapple) Wrap Conversion (#6003)
  • Chimparoo (Sol) Wrap Conversion Adjustable (#6002)
  • Gracie & Sam (gray and yellow) Linen Blend (#6001)
  • Infantino (black straps, white print) (#6004)
  • Catbird Baby (gray and yellow) (#6005)
  • Lenny Lamb Norwegian Diamond (#6006)
  • Infantino (black straps, multi-floral pattern) (#6007)
  • Chimparoo (purple/red stripes) (#6008)
  • BabyHawk (cream straps, bird print) (#6009)
Large body/”toddler” size
  • Kozy (white straps, floral print) (#7000)
  • Fidella Fly Tai Persian Paisley Scarlet (#7001)

Buckles/Soft Structured Carriers

Standard size
  • Baby Bjorn (Black) We (#8005)
  • Beco (Black Straps) Gemini (#8002)
  • Beco (Brown Straps; Floral Print) Gemini (#8010)
  • Beco (Brown Straps) Soleil (#8001)
  • Boba Carrier (Dusk) 3G (#8000)
  • Catbird Baby (Black) Pikkolo (#8004)
  • Ergo (IBC 2014 Exclusive) Original (#8003)
  • Ergo (IBC 2014 Exclusive) Original (#8012)
  • Infantino (Gray) Union (#8011)
  • Lillebaby ()Complete (#8007)
  • Lillebaby (Stone) All Seasons (#8008)
  • Lillebaby (Champagne) Air Flow (#8009)
  • Onya Baby (Leaf Green/Umber) Cruiser (#8006)
  • Ergo 360 (black/camel) (#8013)
  • Beco Gemini (black straps, navy print) (#8014)
Large body/”toddler” size
  • Tula (Sugar Skulls) Toddler (#9000)



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