Meet the Leaders of BWI New Haven

Babywearing International of New Haven is a non-profit organization run entirely on volunteer power!  All BWI chapters are run by Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs), accredited by Babywearing International.  Educators may complete additional accreditation to become Advanced Babywearing Educators (ABEs) and Master Babywearing Educators (MBEs).

Our current leadership roster:

Charlotte and TeddyCharlotte Anderholt (VBE) is mama to Jasper (December 2010) and Theodora (November 2012), both worn from birth. She became involved with a newly forming babywearing group in Kansas City in 2011 and was accredited as a babywearing educator with Babywearing International of Kansas City in early 2012. In 2013 she relocated to Connecticut and co-founded Babywearing International of New Haven. In a previous life she was a PhD student in political theory in Washington, DC, and a consultant on gender issues in peacekeeping operations and metrics for post-conflict stability. In another previous life she was a law student in London. She is passionate about breastfeeding education and advocacy and has been actively involved in La Leche League for several years, both in Kansas City and now in Connecticut. She is slowly working toward pursuing a career in lactation support and maternal/child and community health. In the meantime, she enjoys seeking out farmer’s markets, taking long bike rides with the whole family, and canning jam and pickles.

2014-07-17 07.19.31Meredith Sinclair (MBE) is mama to Callum (Dec. 2008), Eleanor (April 2011), and Declan (June 2014) – all worn since birth. She became involved with her local babywearing group in early 2009 and led its transition to a BWI group in 2011. After serving BWI of the Triangle as a VBE and co-leader for two years, she relocated to New Haven and co-founded the BWI chapter here. In addition to her local babywearing duties, Meredith serves as a Higher Accreditation Regional Director for BWI and chairs the Regional Directors’ Committee.  In her non-babywearing hours, Meredith is an assistant professor of Secondary English Education at Southern Connecticut State University and active in issues of literacy, teacher education, and education reform. She is also involved in breastfeeding advocacy and education as a peer counselor for Breastfeeding USA’s Connecticut Chapter, runs a natural parenting blog, and travels as much as possible.

11256538_1125805147445259_814728567_nKerrie Will (VBE), mama to Kaylee (4) and Teddy (2), has been babywearing for about 3.5 years. She started right around when her daughter was about 4 months old and never looked back. Since then she has explored the world of carriers and found true love with woven wraps, specifically blends like cotton and linen or cotton and hemp. Her favorite carries revolve around the double hammock and rucksack variations. Kerrie loves to pass on her passion for babywearing and help new moms and seasoned moms learn to use different carriers. When not babywearing Kerrie is a stay at home mom busy keeping up with her toddlers. She is extremely passionate about holistic health and living and spends a lot of time helping others, interested in either or both, to learn more about natural life options.

11856545_10207801048847237_5018369973835451550_oHeather Lally-Robillard (VBE), mama to three boys, has been babywearing since the birth of her oldest six years ago. With each child she fell further and further down the rabbit hole of carriers. Shortly after the birth of her third son BWI New Haven formed and she discovered another babywearing passion, helping other mamas discover and learn the joys of babywearing. Heather’s other passions include the outdoors, crafting, and postage stamp homesteading. She works part time as an Environmental Consultant and owns a small baby carrier business sewing and weaving wraps and slings.

11958263_10105459278773471_4670077052515488344_oMelinda Kinnaman (VBE) is mama to Cecily (September 2012), and Marliese
(January 2015), both worn since birth. She doesn’t remember how she came across babywearing during pregnancy, but she fell in love. She started attending meetings with BWI of Phoen
ix, but right when she was ready to begin volunteering her family headed to Northern Virginia. She found such comfort in having the BWI of DC MD VA meetings to attend and be around other babywearers. She became a VBE in May 2015, and is excited to have transferred over to BWI of New Haven. She loves geeking out over wraps and also enjoys using all sorts of baby carriers.  In her non-babywearing hours, Melinda enjoys traveling, knitting, and playing and exploring with her girls. She especially looks forward to experiencing all that New England has to offer.

If you are interested in working with our chapter as an educator or as a non-educator volunteer, we’d love to hear from you!

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